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Four Ways the Crumbs REST API can Enhance Your Jira Instance

Crumbs is our simple CRM that integrates with Jira and enables you to organise your customer information in context. The app automatically syncs organizations from Jira Service Management so that you can capture more information about them in one

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CRM for Jira Development Update

Howdy! My name is Victor and I’m a senior developer leading the team behind our marketplace app: Crumbs - a straightforward CRM app in Jira that allows your team to capture relevant information about your customers and show

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Codegeist 2021 - Organizations Manager

Atlassian hosts a hackathon on Devpost annually called Codegeist, it helps teams unleash their potential by building Atlassian apps. This year was focused around using Atlassian’s Forge platform to build apps for DevOps, IT and Business teams.

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Crumbs is Now Live!

Have you struggled to find an easy, cost-effective and centralised app to manage your customer information with Jira? We’ve got good news - our newly released app Crumbs is the simple customer data management tool that you’ve

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Say hello to Zorro Anonymizer!

Information privacy is becoming increasingly important for businesses and individuals. Until now, if your company used Jira Server, there was no quick and easy way to anonymize sensitive or confidential data.

​We have just released

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