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Notion introduces new features

How Notion’s new features compare to Confluence

In the current climate of software development, it is vital for teams to have the means to collaborate effectively. Faced with an overwhelming choice of tools in the current

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New Verve’s Volunteering Initiative with OnHand

We are excited to share the results of our litter-picking challenge, which we participated in as part of our community giving strategy. This initiative, driven forward by our community champions Aleks and Abraham, goes hand-in-hand with New Verve’s

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Introducing Atlassian AI

With AI tools skyrocketing in popularity over the last year, it’s no surprise that Atlassian has now rolled out a suite of new AI-powered features for users. Atlassian Intelligence is the new powerup that works across

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10 Jira Best Practices

​Jira, a powerful project management tool developed by Atlassian, is typically used by software teams as a means of software development and bug tracking. Due to the versatility of the tool, it empowers a variety of teams

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Using Jira Service Management for Change Management

​Wondering how your team can use Jira Service Management (JSM) to enhance their change management rituals? As a tool that encourages collaborative, intuitive and integrated processes, JSM looks to the future of change management processes. We have

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