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Agile project management is an iterative process with a focus on delivering value.

By adopting some core principles, agile teams minimise waste and optimise quality. Through collaborative working, teams that apply agile processes can adapt quickly to change and uncertainty.

Moving to Agile can be challenging, especially if your organisation is rooted in a more traditional ‘waterfall’ project management approach. It can be even more challenging to coordinate multiple teams and individual specialists ‘at scale’ so that they all align to the same overall objective.

Our experts at New Verve can help you move to Agile. If you have already implemented agile practices, we can help you mature them. We can enable you to leverage the Atlassian platform to:

  • build roadmaps for your projects and services.
  • manage resource capacity and availability.
  • track risks and dependencies.
  • keep team members in the loop with best-in-class reporting.
  • control costs and revenues for your portfolios.
  • expand agile practices across your organisation.

Every business is different and that’s where New Verve comes in. We can match the right tools to your specific needs and enable you to get the most out of them.

Jira Software

Streamline how your teams work by mapping your business processes to simple and elegant agile workflows.


Combine your long-term planning and agile methodologies to get visibility at scale at multiple levels.


Break down silos and maximize team collaboration by creating, organizing, and sharing content.

​Atlassian Intelligence

Accelerate work by using Atlassian AI features to gain insights and take action, faster than ever before.


Centralize time tracking, resource planning and finances in the one stack with Tempo Timesheets, Tempo Planner, and Tempo Budgets.


Visualize, track and manage your projects at scale by building custom hierarchical structures in Jira.


Build and manage multiple projects at scale with a hugely popular and SAFe® compliant tool.


Gain insights into project status, progress, and forecasts with a powerful Business Intelligence tool.


  • Question   What is agile?

    Agile software development was born out of a need to find an alternative to traditional project management. With traditional approaches such as the waterfall method, it is difficult for teams to respond to change and uncertainty.

    Agile splits work into regular cadences known as iterations or sprints with the aim of having production-ready software at the end of each. Every aspect of development including planning, requirements, design, development and testing are continually reviewed and revisited throughout the entire project lifecycle.

    At the end of each sprint, the team has the opportunity to inspect and re-evaluate the project’s direction. This ultimately allows all stakeholders to evaluate success in the real world and empowers the team to be flexible and readjust to optimize value.

  • Question   What is agile at scale?

    When a large organisation extends agile practices, values, principles and mindsets of Agile beyond teams - to programmes and portfolios, and even beyond IT, it’s known as ‘agile at scale’.

    Scaling at a program level enables several independent agile teams to jointly plan and deliver a product or service that aligns with a common vision. Scaling at a portfolio level enables several parallel programs to work on different products or services, while orienting towards a shared strategic vision.

    There are lots of frameworks out there for supporting ‘agile at scale’. At New Verve, we are most familiar with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe).

  • Question   See a demo

    Atlassian roadmaps (available in Jira Software) and vendor tools such as BigPicture, Structure, Projectrak, and Activity Timeline can enable you to move to Agile.

    Get in touch and one of our experienced consultants can give you a detailed step-by-step demo!

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