Managing development with Jira Software at Tryzens Group


Tryzens Group wished to review and redesign their existing Jira Software server instance which had organically evolved and scaled over a number of years.

We were also asked to:

  • advise on administrative aspects like setting permissions and approvals;
  • apply a server and application health-check and advise on required changes inline with best practice;
  • advise on planning tools and methodologies;
  • advise on appropriate add-ons to meet business needs.

The Challenge

New Verve Consulting was asked to design and implement a lean Jira Software solution for the development and testing teams with minimal issue types, fields, screens, and workflows.

We faced numerous challenges:

  • analysing an existing Jira instance with over 40,000 issues, 107 workflows, and hundreds of configuration schemes;
  • carrying out a major software upgrade, from v6.3.10 to v7.2.4;
  • recommending a set of process flows and best practices that would work for multiple teams.

The Solution

We first carried out an extensive health check for Tryzens, reviewing server and application configuration. A workshop was subsequently held at the Tryzens offices to examine the outcomes of the health check and to discuss lessons learned.

A mirror of the production Jira instance was created and upgraded to the very latest version. This involved a number of key steps:

  • MySQL upgrade;
  • Linux kernel upgrade;
  • disk volume reconfiguration;
  • 2-step upgrade of Jira, first to v7.0.0 and then to v7.2.4.

The Jira migration itself was planned carefully due to various add-on compatibility issues. These included API changes which necessitated updates to custom ScriptRunner workflow scripts.

Post-upgrade, we recommended various disk performance improvements and appropriate backup policies.

Our next challenge was to begin rolling out the health check recommendations. A pilot project was created and configured to meet business needs. Work included:

  • configuring of issue types, screens, and fields;
  • mapping process flows to a lean set of workflows;
  • setting up Scrum and Kanban project boards;
  • configuring Tempo timesheets with account-level reporting.

Our initial pilot was rolled out successfully to a small set of projects. At the time of writing, Tryzens continues to monitor the performance of these projects before rolling out our solution across the business.

Categories: Automation

Technologies: Jira Software, ScriptRunner, Tempo

500 users

our solution was designed to serve up to 500 Jira users

40+ add-ons

over 40 add-ons in active use.

300+ projects

over 300 cross-team projects needed to be managed in Jira.

40,000+ issues

when we came aboard, the existing Jira instance held over 40,000 Jira issues.

5 issue types

a lean set of 5 issue types was designed to meet the business needs.

12 custom fields

12 bespoke fields were setup to capture information for each issue type.

6 workflows

6 bespoke workflows were created for development and testing processes.

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