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Cloud Migration

Atlassian is investing heavily in Atlassian Cloud. They promise that it will be the best Atlassian experience for all teams. Today over 90% of Atlassian’s customers land on Cloud, gaining access to the latest innovations, continuous delivery of new features, and a growing marketplace of apps.

Moving to the Cloud makes sense for most businesses who wish to reduce the cost, complexity, and risk of ownership while paying an affordable and predictable monthly or annual fee. If you’re not already in the Cloud, we can help you get there!

So, what are your Cloud choices?

If you are currently operating on a self-hosted setup and are considering migrating to Atlassian Cloud, the Atlassian Migration Program (AMP) provides you with step-by-step guides, free migration tools, and a dedicated migration support team.

And, of course, New Verve is here to support you on your journey.

Atlassian Cloud

Get immediate access to the latest and greatest features via Atlassian’s own SaaS offering. It’s secure, scales easily, and represents the future. This choice is for you if your organization has under 10,000 users, your industry is not heavily regulated, and you don’t require heavy customization.

New Verve Cloud

Get regular software upgrades and proactive support via the New Verve Cloud, operated on AWS. This choice is for you if you are currently on Server (no longer supported by Atlassian) or Data Center, and are in a heavily regulated environment, need total data isolation, or need more time to plan your move to Atlassian Cloud.

Migration to Atlassian Cloud

Many of our customers are already migrating from a hosted setup to Atlassian Cloud and we can help you get there too.

Whether you’re on a single application such as Jira Software or need to merge multiple instances into one, we can help design your migration strategy and carry out the heavy lifting for you.

  • Pre-migration health check
  • Migration plan
  • Data migration
  • Data merge from multiple sites
  • Post-migration support

We are experts in all things Atlassian Cloud, including implementations of SAML SSO using Atlassian Access.

New Verve Cloud

As a Standard Technology Partner with Amazon Web Services, we have over 5 years of experience in designing, building, and operating Atlassian stacks on AWS.

If you’d like to run your Data Center stack in the Cloud and move to a trusted managed service, then the New Verve Cloud is a great choice! With one of our managed service plans, you get everything you need to run your Atlassian applications. Powered by AWS, our hosting services are best-in-class, offering reliability, durability, and data security.

Starting from only £800 or €950 per month for a Jira or Confluence Data Center setup (2 nodes) for 500 users, our prices are among the most competitive in the UK and Ireland.

  • Reliable. We offer high availability with automated fail-over capacity in all of our hosting packages.
  • Scalable. We can quickly scale your servers to meet increased demand with little to no downtime (additional costs apply).
  • High performance. All application and database instances are configured to provide optimal performance for each application.
  • Secure. We apply industry-standard mechanisms to secure data. We also recommend and support SSL for encrypting web traffic.

We are experts in all things AWS. If you need help implementing your own Atlassian Private Cloud setup, please do get in touch!


  • Question   Which choice is best for us?

    We always recommend either Atlassian Cloud or Data Center to our customers.

    If your organization has up to 50,000 users and don’t work in a heavily regulated industry, Atlassian Cloud is a good fit for you. Atlassian Cloud is still catching up with Data Center in terms of levels of available customization. In that sense, if you feel that you need bespoke solutions that involve lots of API calls or if you need a Marketplace App (e.g. Tempo Budgets) that simply isn’t available yet for Cloud, then Data Center could remain a short-term choice for you (e.g. 2 years).

    If your company has over 50,000 users and works in a heavily regulated industry, Data Center is the recommended route. It’s also the best choice at the time of writing if you are seeking complete data isolation - in other words, you’d like all application data to reside in a single geographic location. Data Center also lifts some major restrictions that still exist in Atlassian Cloud:

    • you need a 3rd party app to customize your domain name
    • Cloud subscriptions come with disk storage limits
    • you can’t change database backup frequencies or retention periods
    • it is not possible to restrict access by source IP range
  • Question   What does a migration path look like?

    This really depends!

    We usually start with an audit of your current application estate and then design a migration strategy that works for you. Complexity and duration of migration depend on many factors, including:

    • how your current applications are hosted (e.g. behind the firewall, private Cloud etc.)
    • how many and which Atlassian applications you’d like to migrate
    • how many Marketplace apps you’d like to migrate
    • what level of bespoke customization you have (e.g. custom plugins, scripts, workflow extensions in Jira)
    • what integrations are currently in place with 3rd party tools
    • whether you’d like your existing sites to be merged or consolidated
    • how your users are provisioned and managed

    Please get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements and outline your options.

  • Question   Is SSO available on Atlassian Cloud?

    Yes! Atlassian Access (now known as Guard) provides enterprise-grade security and a centralised view of all your Atlassian Cloud products. It is also the only SSO option available on Atlassian Cloud.

    It’s possible to hook up Access with various identity providers for SAML SSO, including Microsoft Azure AD, AD FS, Google Cloud, Okta, and OneLogin.

  • Question   Is Atlassian Cloud secure?

    Atlassian is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and customer data is protected via practices such as Privacy Shield and GDPR compliance. For reassurance, please visit Atlassian’s Trust Center.

    Security has come a long way over the past few years and we can confidently say that Atlassian Cloud is secure. All data is protected with encryption in transit and at rest, and company-wide protection in the form of SAML SSO, enforced 2FA, and SCIM can be facilitated via Atlassian Access (now known as Guard).

    Atlassian Cloud is certified with various standards including:

    • ISO 27001
    • ISO 27018
    • SOC
    • CSA
    • PCI DSS
    • GDPR
    • Privacy Shield
    • VPAT 508
  • Question   How much is the New Verve Cloud?

    Our costs are dictated by a number of factors, including:

    • number of active user accounts
    • data requirements (e.g. number of Confluence spaces or Jira projects/issues)
    • Marketplace apps (some apps such as eazyBI require additional database(s) and computing power)
    • number of required stacks (e.g. Production only or additional Staging stack)
    • number of cluster nodes (e.g. 2, 4) in a Data Center deployment

    Pricing may vary depending on your specific needs, so please get in touch for a quote to match your specific needs.

Planning your migration to Atlassian Cloud

Planning your migration to Atlassian Cloud

A step-by-step checklist to plan your migration to Atlassian Cloud.

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