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Our customers often ask us if there is a way to build a reporting system that can pull metrics out of multiple products and combine them to build meaningful insights that help measure and evaluate their operations (not Excel!). To enable us to solve this challenge, we have partnered with eazyBI, a top Marketplace vendor.

eazyBI enables Jira and Confluence users to build reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool. Data can be imported from multiple sources including the Atlassian products themselves, SQL databases, and REST endpoints. Once imported, the data is stored in a multi-dimensional OLAP cube, from which reports can then be built.

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Where we come in!

It’s possible to build reports quickly and easily in eazyBI without too much technical knowledge.

However, eazyBI is super powerful and depending on your needs can become quite complex. There are a few key areas where we help our customers:

  1. Design - discovering customer needs and mapping these to an eazyBI solution.
  2. Develop - building data pipelines for reports that need to pull data from multiple sources beyond Jira and Confluence.
  3. Refine - adding additional business logic to reports using MDX expressions.

We have worked with many customers in aggregating data from multiple products. Here are just two of those examples:

  • combining data from the Tempo product suite with data in Jira to build resource planning and financial performance reports (read more here).
  • building project management reports by combining data from Profields and Jira (read more here).

In both of the above cases, we needed to pre-process large amounts of data before making it available to eazyBI via a REST endpoint. On a hosted instance, this is made possible using Scriptrunner. On a Cloud instance, it’s a little more complex and necessitates a micro-service running somewhere in the cloud!

The eazyBI community

eazyBI has built an incredible community over the past few years and there is a regular calendar of events happening globally.

We regularly participate in the eazyBI Community Days and have contributed various talks. These days are a great way to network with other users and share experiences. Here’s a sample from 2018!


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