Say hello to Zorro Anonymizer!

Say hello to Zorro Anonymizer!

Information privacy is becoming increasingly important for businesses and individuals. Until now, if your company used Jira Server, there was no quick and easy way to anonymize sensitive or confidential data.

​We have just released our new app for Jira to fill this gap: Zorro Anonymizer! Zorro Anonymizer provides Jira Administrators the ability to:

  • bulk encrypt and decrypt issue data
  • bulk remove issue data
  • mask or remove issue data in exports

Selectively protect data in Jira

With Zorro Anonymizer, you can choose which data should be anonymized:

  • one or more system fields
  • one or more custom fields
  • comments
  • issue history
  • attachment data
  • work logs

Encrypt issue data in 4 simple steps

With four simple steps, you can encrypt and decrypt data directly in Jira with Zorro Anonymizer:

  1. choose the data you’d like to protect
  2. make your project selection
  3. enter a secret password
  4. click the Anonymize button!

And hey presto! All of your selected data is now hidden from prying eyes.

Easily sanitize issue data

If you need to meet compliance regulations or contractual obligations, you can use Zorro Anonymizer to bulk remove issue data too!

Simply follow the same 4 steps for encryption, but choose to remove data instead. All of your selected data will be permanently removed from Jira.

Removal of data sounds like a simple operation, but until now, you could only do this by running through multiple bulk edit operations in Jira, or spend some time writing and testing a bespoke script.

Anonymize issue data in exports

Suppose you wish to export production data, but protect certain fields.

Zorro Anonymizer gives you the option to remove or mask data in exports. Additional options are provided in the existing export menus in Jira - simply make your choice, and voila!

Why choose Zorro Anonymizer?

There are many reasons to use Zorro Anonymizer. We have identified 3 major use cases.

1. Protect non-production data

  • Do you stage major software upgrades before rolling them out to your production Jira?
  • Does your development team need to load test a new plugin using real-life production data?
  • Do you need to on-board new starts to Jira?
  • Do you demo your Jira setup to clients, partners, or other stakeholders?

To maximise safety and flexibility, best practice is to replicate your environment. Wouldn’t it be great if you could replicate all your production data, but shield certain elements of it too (e.g. user information in issues).

Now, with Zorro Anonymizer, you can anonymize sensitive or confidential information in testing, demo, and staging environments.

2. Protect against insider threats

Jira can contain very sensitive and confidential information, and insider threats from employees (current or former), contractors, or partners can carry high risk.

Zorro Anonymizer helps protect IP or trade secrets and mitigate risk of fraud, theft, and malicious use.

3. Comply with data regulations such as GDPR

If your industry is heavily regulated, or your business needs to comply with laws such as GDPR, Zorro Anonymizer can help.

With GDPR now in place and being enforced since May 2018, organisations can be subject to heavy fines if they are non-compliant. With Zorro Anonymizer, you can comply with regulations on using and storing private data.

Future roadmap

Our roadmap is ultimately driven by user feedback.

We have some exciting features on the way, including Data Center and Service Desk compatibility. Of course, there are also lots of other nifty enhancements coming for end users - so watch this space!

Find out more

If you want to find out more about Zorro Anonymizer, you can browse through our online Knowledge Base here.

To try Zorro Anonymizer for free, simply grab it today from the Atlassian Marketplace! It’s currently available for Jira Server and pricing starts at only $10 for 10 users.


thanks for sharing, it helps us alot

By srujan
on Thu, August 02, 2018

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