Meet The Team

Nigel Rochford - Owner and Managing Director

Nigel Rochford

Owner and Managing Director


With over 14 years of experience across the software and publishing sectors, Nigel has a unique blend of technical and management expertise.

Since starting my professional life, I have always had the desire to establish my own business. After gaining a wealth of experience in digital publishing and software development, I left a senior technical management role with HarperCollins Publishers and finally established New Verve Consulting in 2011.

The business has grown year-on-year and after gaining a number of contracts with UK-based and international clients, we continue to consolidate. I’m proud to say that we have great relationships with our existing clients and while the business is small and young, our client base continues to expand.

As part of our future growth strategy, we continue to seek collaborative opportunities with other businesses. We have recently partnered with Atlassian, who provide world-class collaborative software to hundreds of thousands of businesses globally.

As an official Atlassian Solution Partner, we now provide a range of implementation and support services for Atlassian’s software to further enhance our existing project management service offerings. 2017 has been an exciting year so far and we look forward to the period ahead.”

Other Team Members:

Kris Siwiec - Lead Consultant
Kris Siwiec
Lead Consultant

Daniel Vargas Llopis - Atlassian Solutions Consultant
Daniel Vargas Llopis
Atlassian Solutions Consultant

Cameron Harper - SysOps Engineer
Cameron Harper
SysOps Engineer

Victor Lee - Junior Developer
Victor Lee
Junior Developer

Andrei-Mihai Nicolae - Intern Developer
Andrei-Mihai Nicolae
Intern Developer

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