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Kris Siwiec - Lead Consultant

Kris Siwiec

Lead Consultant


With over 10 years of experience across the software and publishing sectors, Kris joined New Verve Consulting in early 2015 as a technical project manager. He is now our Lead Consultant, overseeing the day-to-day running of multiple client projects.

Kris is very hands-on and loves to design and deliver large-scale technical solutions for complex problems. He’s also the product owner and go-to guy for our Atlassian managed hosting infrastructure.

As a software engineering graduate, my professional interests have always spanned the complete digital project life cycle.

Having gained experience across the application and content production spectrum - from tester through maintainer to developer and manager - I am now enjoying the challenge of applying agile management principles in a variety of project scenarios.

I look forward to the ongoing proliferation of lean development methodologies across the technical industries, offering a better fit for change-driven environments, and enabling our clients to respond proactively and productively to rapidly evolving business needs.

Other Team Members:

Nigel Rochford - Owner and Managing Director
Nigel Rochford
Owner and Managing Director

Daniel Vargas Llopis - Atlassian Solutions Consultant
Daniel Vargas Llopis
Atlassian Solutions Consultant

Cameron Harper - DevOps Engineer
Cameron Harper
DevOps Engineer

Victor Lee - Developer
Victor Lee

Matthew Flaws - Graduate Consultant
Matthew Flaws
Graduate Consultant

Lewis Boyd - Freelance Developer
Lewis Boyd
Freelance Developer

Lukas Knapek - Intern Developer
Lukas Knapek
Intern Developer

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