The biggest announcements from Atlassian Summit 2018

The biggest announcements from Atlassian Summit 2018

We’ve just returned from sunny Barcelona, having sponsored and exhibited at Atlassian Summit for the first time.

As usual, the event was jam-packed with a tonne of inspiring sessions across 2 days. You can watch all the recorded sessions here.

The expo floor was also a hive of activity, with a diverse set of partners and Marketplace vendors showing off their wares. We thoroughly enjoyed speaking with fellow exhibitors and returned to Glasgow refreshed and inspired.

I say refreshed, but Atlassian’s biggest party of the year, Summit Bash, left us nursing sore heads for a while after smile

Tartan Partners

Since we are the only Atlassian Solution Partner from Scotland, we thought we’d make a statement this year, and donned kilts for the entire event. The kilts were so popular that we hereby promise that we’ll do the same every year from now on!

Check out more of our photos on Twitter via the hashtag #tartanpartners.


The first big announcement in Atlassian’s keynote was the acquisition of OpsGenie, a leader in incident management and alerting software.

Until the acquisition is fully closed, we can’t offer much insight at this stage, but we’re expecting tight integrations between OpsGenie and the likes of Statuspage and Jira Ops (see below).

Jira Ops

Following the same theme in IT Operations, Atlassian also announced a brand new cloud product: Jira Ops. It’s free to try until early 2019.

Inspired by the DevOps movement, Jira Ops serves as an ‘incident command centre’, giving IT operations teams a central place to track and manage incidents during their lifetime.

We’re not yet fully up to speed on all of Jira Ops features, but it seems that its true value will come from integrations with other tools such as Slack, Statuspage, Jira Service Desk, and of course the newly acquired OpsGenie.


It’s clear that Atlassian is continuing to heavily invest in Atlassian Cloud and not surprisingly.

More than 70% of Atlassian’s customers are now using cloud products, and this number will surely continue to grow quickly. It’s no surprise that the biggest announcement was an increased user limit for Jira and Confluence, from 2,000 to 5,000 users.

Some new integrations were also announced: firstly between Bitbucket Pipelines and Jira Software and secondly between Slack and Confluence.

User experience is continuing to evolve with announcements across most products:

  • a completely redesigned UX for pull requests in Bitbucket;
  • a new look and feel for Jira Service Desk;
  • a simpler editing experience in Confluence, with optimized layouts, in-context toolbars, and new templates.

And it looks like Jira issues in general have a revamp in the pipeline, with inspiration taken from the bento box. Information will be displayed neatly, logically, and beautifully!

Server and Data Center

The spotlight was certainly on Atlassian Cloud at Summit, however, there were lots of announcements and breakout sessions for Server and DC.

Atlassian’s Cloud and Server roadmaps are distinct, meaning that each audience will get features tailored to them. And the new features are driven by feedback directly through the public issue tracker JAC. It’s nice to see heavily voted features finally coming to fruition!

First up: Jira 8.0! It brings with it super fast agile boards, batch email notifications (this is our favourite!), custom email notifications to reduce noise, and a native mobile app.

For Jira Service Desk, server customers will soon be able to customize their portal. If you have fairly simple branding requirements, this will more than suffice without needing to purchase a theming plugin such as Refined Theme.

We were also impressed with the new search experience coming in Confluence with faster UX and better filtering. Here’s a mobile snap from the keynote to give you a flavour:

Beyond Confluence and Jira, there were some other product announcements:

  • upcoming code insights integrations in Bamboo;
  • delegated management of groups to non global admins in Crowd;
  • new functionality in Portfolio for Jira to make it easier to plan across teams of teams.

There’s an upcoming Atlassian webinar which will go into some more detail about these new features for Server. Register here!

Other titbits

We can’t squeeze everything into a single blog article, so we’ll try to get some other useful content up on the blog in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, some other useful titbits to check out:

  • the new Atlassian Incident Handbook, a summary of Atlassian’s incident management process;
  • the first ever Trello Day took place this year! Check out the session videos here!


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