Knowledge Sharing Workshops - ITSM

Knowledge Sharing Workshops - ITSM

Welcome to our second blog in the Knowledge Sharing Workshop Series which aims to share the insightful content curated by the New Verve team during our regular program of internal knowledge sharing workshops. We wanted to share the knowledge beyond our team and elaborate on the methods and tools New Verve use in our client solutions. To read more about how and why we hold the workshops, read the first blog in our series.

Daniel Vargas Llopis, Consultant at New Verve recently hosted a workshop on IT Service Management (ITSM) and we’ll share the highlights in this blog. IT Service Management is a concept for IT teams to manage the delivery of IT services to customers, the key of which is to deliver a service based on customers’ needs. ITSM spans all processes and activities involved in designing, delivering, and maintaining IT services.

ITSM has four core processes of service delivery. Those processes are Service Request Management, Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management.

ITSM core processes

Service Request Management

Service Requests cover a wide range of customer requests for a service and these are often recurring requests. These requests can include generic IT help requests, for example, issues with computer logins or can be a more complex IT request like needing help to set up a VPN. Service Requests also cover hardware requests, whether you require new hardware or software or you are have an issue with your hardware or software.

Incident Management

System problems, server crashes or if a website is down are some examples of Incident Management. This process handles unplanned events or service interruptions with the aim of a fast incident resolution.

Jira Service Desk Default Incident Workflow

Problem Management

If an incident occurs on a regular basis, there is likely to be an underlying fault causing the issue; this is where Problem Management comes in. Problem Management is the process of identifying and managing the underlying cause of an incident to prevent the incident from happening again. Problem Management is an important process in your IT Service Management as while incident management solves the problem, problem management ensures these recurring problems do not happen again.

Change Management

The final ITSM process is Change Management, which focuses on implementing changes to the IT infrastructure while following standard procedures, ensuring minimal risk when executing these changes. Some examples of Change Management in ITSM are rolling out new services or fixing problems in the code.

Jira Service Desk Default Change workflow

Enhance your approach to ITSM

Frameworks like ITIL and COBIT have traditionally been used by IT teams to help improve IT governance and management, however, these can be considered restrictive and can lead to the use of clunky and inflexible workflows. Now, with the help of the recent ITIL 4 release, IT teams are moving towards more iterative and adaptive approaches to IT Service Management.

Your IT team can move towards a flexible and value-driven approach to IT Service Management by implementing an Atlassian based solution, using tools like Jira Service Management, Insight and Crumbs, our very own simple customer data management tool. You can also learn more about how New Verve can help you implement or enhance your organisation’s ITSM solution here. Get in touch with us to speak to one of our experienced consultants who can give you a detailed step-by-step demo.

New Verve presents Atlassian in Scotland 2020 Webinar Series

Want to learn more about IT Service Management and see the results of Atlassian based ITSM solutions? Then join us for the New Verve presents Atlassian in Scotland 2020 Webinar Series. The webinars present customer success stories, industry presentations and product demos and have featured presentations from Atlassian, Mary’s Meals and Axelos. Details of the next webinar can be found on our events page and you can catch up on the rest of the series on our YouTube channel.

Watch out for the next blog in our Knowledge Sharing Workshop Series as we continue to share with you the tools and process that New Verve use to support successful client solutions.


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