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How to Motivate Your Remote Team: 7 Simple Strategies

By November 2020, 87% of UK businesses had shifted to some sort of remote working. During the pandemic, teams had to learn to quickly adapt to remote working - with all of the challenges and benefits it brings.


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My Internship Experience at New Verve

At New Verve, we’re proud to have strong links with the Internship Hub at the University of Glasgow.

Internships benefit students and recent graduates by giving them experience and guidance in a sector they have a

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Innovation Day at New Verve

“The 4+1 model is a great way to add enablement at work and have continued learning as part of your job.” - Lana Nesredin, Solutions Team

Since the beginning of May, New Verve has been operating

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The Importance of Work-Life Balance While Working Remotely

A little over two years ago, office life changed to a degree we’d never seen before, as lockdowns came into force in the wake of COVID-19. This was a dramatic shift for businesses, as we took a leap

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Happy International Women’s Day 2022 From Team New Verve

International Women’s Day 2022 theme

It’s International Women’s Day 2022 and we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate the women of New Verve, as well as women across the tech industry!

One of our

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