How to use Jira for Business Teams

How to use Jira for Business Teams


Jira, a powerful Atlassian tool typically used within software development and IT teams makes managing projects simple, but did you know that other teams can also use Jira to their advantage? In addition to following Agile methodology, Jira gives teams the resources to efficiently progress in their tasks in any sector of a business. Teams from Marketing and HR, all the way to Legal and Finance can utilise the extensive features of Jira to streamline their operations.

Another resource for teams to consider is Jira Work Management, which is specifically tailored to the needs of business teams rather than software developers. Those with non-technical experience can easily manage projects, processes and tasks with efficiency. To assist with any questions, we have put together this helpful blog to help your team explore the benefits of Jira and Jira Work Management.

How can your team utilise these tools for their business needs?

As a tool that prioritises the importance of collaboration and visibility within tasks, Jira can be used in a variety of business contexts to achieve efficiency. In addition to this, the specialised nature of Jira Work Management allows teams to better understand their processes. Check out some main features of this tool and how it can assist your team:

Functions for visibility and collaboration

Jira Work Management boasts many features designed to make projects more manageable for teams. Such features include a variety of ways to view tasks, such as list view, which provides key information at a glance. On the other hand, calendar view allows team members to visualise tasks in accordance to their deadlines, ensuring that all collaborators have an understanding of upcoming tasks. Through providing a team with consistent visibility, Jira assists with the consistent progress of business teams.

Visualise and track progress

With the automations tools available within Jira, teams can easily track their progress and display any tasks in progress to facilitate an open and collaborative environment. Through data measuring capabilities, teams can monitor performance and project process to ensure that tasks are completed at an optimal level. Jira Work Management also allows such performance results to be presented in a visual format through dashboards and reports, making analysis intuitive.

Jira use cases for your team
Jira use cases for your team

Take advantage of templates available

Both Jira and Jira Work Management offer a wide variety of templates to help your business team with successful project management. From iterative workflows to project construction, these tools were created not only to help your team, but to also facilitate cross-departmental collaboration. In addition to helping teams save time templates can also allow departments to gain a better understanding of the key components associated with their projects.

A process timeline with Jira Work Management
A process timeline with Jira Work Management

Such tools have proven to be invaluable to business teams across a wide range of departments. The built-in capabilities of both Jira and Jira Work Management allow users to collaborate efficiently while maintaining steady progress and visibility within their work.

Interested in how Jira can be used to help your team? Get in touch with our expert solution team that can answer any questions you may have regarding Jira.


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