Happy International Women’s Day from New Verve

Happy International Women’s Day from New Verve

New Verve's female team members
New Verve’s female team members

As it was International Women’s Day was on Sunday 8th March, team New Verve wanted to celebrate the women in our company and also women in the technology industry as a whole. We believe in striving towards gender equality both within our own team and within the industry.

The number of women in the technology industry is increasing and many initiatives have been created to ensure this number continues to grow. There has historically been an issue in creating gender diversity and equality in the tech industry which has a lot to do with systematic issues preventing women joining at the lower levels. However, there have been steps put in place to reverse this trend by both public and private bodies. A good example of this is PWC’s private charter named Tech She Can which aims to encourage women into the industry and support them once they join. In their research survey, PWC found that only 27% of females have considered a career in the tech industry, compared to 62% of males and just 3% of women’s first choice career was in the industry. Perhaps more strikingly however, is that only 16% of females have had a career in tech suggested to them as opposed to 33% of males, showing the systematic issues with regards to gender diversity in the industry. PWC’s charter aims to do something about these statistics by generating a lasting increase in the number of females pursuing careers in technology. They plan on doing so by working with schools and supporting social mobility but also by attracting, recruiting and retaining female employees who will in turn create role models within the industry.

The government has also implemented initiatives in order to create more gender diversity in the technology industry. New government charters such as Women in Defence and Women in Aviation and Aerospace have just been launched and the charter Women in Finance is continually getting new signatories across fintech since its creation in 2015. The charters are aiming to create a gender balance in all levels of the industry and have a strong focus on encouraging women into the higher levels of management in various technology sectors.

These charters, along with other programs are opening up the conversation about gender diversity in the tech industry and creating a more honest approach on how to balance the statistics.

As a small company, New Verve has to hold itself accountable for its own diversity and this is reflected in one of our core company values - collaborate as one diverse team. Gender diversity is something we have aimed to improve in the past year and in doing so we have significantly increased the number of female employees. Currently, within our permanent team of 12, one third of our employees are female - we have two female technical consultants and a fully female marketing team. As part of the tech industry, we know more still needs to be done in creating a gender balance and we hope our contributions as a small company can help to proactively address the issue. Diversity in nationality is also something we aim to have within the company and at present, our team includes members from Scotland, Ireland, England, Poland, Spain, Romania, Greece, and Pakistan. We believe strongly in teamwork and have a close-knit, collaborative culture here at New Verve. Our varied team allows us to do this to a high standard where every member of staff brings something unique. We will continue to diversify our staff over the coming years and are excited to see the encouragement of females to get involved in tech from the ground level up.

New Verve wishes you all a happy International Women’s Day and we hope those in the technology industry can use the day to reflect on women in the industry and how we can all continue to encourage gender diversity and equality.


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