Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at New Verve Consulting

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at New Verve Consulting

At New Verve Consulting, championing equality, diversity and inclusion is paramount. We value our diverse workforce, appreciate different ways of thinking, and strive to foster a culture that encourages those unique qualities.

We wanted to formalise our commitment to these aspects of the workplace, so we have set out a brand-new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy to be achieved this year.

Our Approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

As a company in the tech sector, we know how important it is to hire thoughtfully and create a culture with diversity at its core. According to PwC, just 5% of leadership roles in tech are held by people identifying as women and research by Tech Nation shows that only 15.8% of people working in tech identify as BAME. Figures on neurodiversity in tech are less reliable, as not every employee feels comfortable disclosing, however one-in-seven of the UK population identifies as neurodiverse.

While systemic issues have a role to play in the underrepresentation of these groups in tech, we feel that we have a moral obligation to do our part. In our formalised strategy, we’ve identified areas of our culture, recruitment processes, and enablement that we want to improve to benefit everyone in our workplace.

It’s essential for us to tackle unconscious bias and diversify our hiring practices, as well as to create an encouraging culture for all of our employees. We’re proud to offer enhanced maternity, menstrual and miscarriage leave, have women represented in leadership roles, and undertake work to address the gender pay gap. However, this is just the start for us and we intend to continue to grow our commitment to diversity.

This is an excellent time for us to evaluate how we hire, the makeup of our hiring panels, the enablement we offer our employees, and how we champion minority voices overall. Not only do we want to encourage diverse candidates at the hiring stage, but we also want to enhance the environment that allows those voices to be heard and respected.

This benefits us too - as studies show that diverse workforces are able to unlock new ways of working and efficiencies. While it’s not our primary goal with this strategy, we believe that supporting all employees will lead to improved outcomes for everyone.

Our Marketing Manager, Louise Reilly, is heading up this strategy; she had this to say about our approach:

Equality, diversity and inclusion are significant causes for me - not only as a woman working in a male-dominated field, but also as a manager who has the ability to foster change in our organisation to make it more inclusive for all of our colleagues. I’m delighted to be working on this strategy and hope to be a positive force for good in the long term.

Careers at New Verve Consulting

If you’d like to learn more about how we work at New Verve Consulting or are interested in joining our team, head over to our careers page. We encourage applications from all candidates and are happy to tailor the process for individual needs; we’re also a Disability Confident employer.


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