BambooHR Integration for Jira is now live!

BambooHR Integration for Jira is now live!

Do you wish that you could easily manage employee absences in Jira? Well now you can with BambooHR Integration for Jira, the simple app that allows you to see absence management in context.

BambooHR Integration for Jira, which is now available for trial and purchase on the Atlassian Marketplace, can enhance use experience by:

  • Easily connecting Jira to BambooHR® and configuring which absence request types to synchronize
  • Automatically synchronizing time-off requests to Jira issues and user profiles
  • Providing powerful integrations for the most popular planning apps including Tempo Planner and BigPicture

What is BambooHR®?

BambooHR® is a fantastic HR tool for small and medium businesses. It can be used to collect, maintain, and analyse your people data, improve how you hire talent, onboard new employees, manage compensation, and develop your company culture.

Alongside many of our own clients, we are also an avid customer of the BambooHR® product. A critical feature for us is leave management. When somebody wants to go off backpacking in the mountains, they raise a time off request which then goes through an approval process according to the policies that you define!

How does BambooHR Integration for Jira work?

BambooHR Integration for Jira gives you an easy way to manage employee absences by sync’ing vacations from BambooHR® into Jira. Employee time-off requests in BambooHR® are automatically recorded in Jira, giving you the ability to consider employee time-off when scheduling work.

See absence management in context

BambooHR Integration for Jira provides you with up-to-date employee absence information from BambooHR®. You can then work with this information in Jira to make more informed project scheduling decisions and transform your project planning capability.

Easy to configure

The app gives you the ability to configure time-off request types to suit the needs of your team. This means you only have to synchronize the request types that are relevant to your work and you can choose to keep certain absence request types confidential.

Customizable Synchronization

The synchronization schedule is configurable with BambooHR Integration for Jira so, you can choose the frequency of updates that best suits the needs of your team, ensuring absence information is there when you need it.

Powerful integrations

BambooHR Integration for Jira provides powerful integrations with business-critical resource planning tools for a seamless project management solution. These integrations include leading resource planning tools like Tempo Planner and BigPicture, so you can make robust scheduling decisions with the tools you’re already using.

How can BambooHR Integration for Jira help your organisation?

Enhance your Project Planning Capabilities

BambooHR Integration for Jira is the perfect app for scrum masters, project managers and PMOs who are responsible for planning people resource across multiple teams and projects. It allows project managers to effectively plan and manage resources using accurate and up-to-date information within Jira as time-off requests for all employees are synchronized. Employee availability is now easily accessible in one place and is available in real-time allowing for more accurate project planning.

The app also allows project managers to access a settings screen where they can customize how BambooHR® requests are synchronized and which requests are shown. Using these features, project mangers can synchronize requests to meet the planning needs of their teams while excluding the information that is unnecessary or confidential. The integration with leading resource planning and HR tools means that the app can integrate into and enhance the project management solution you already have in place.

BambooHR Integration for Jira provides scrum masters, project managers and PMO’s with the tools required to make accurate scheduling plans and decisions and can transform your project planning capabilities.

Where can you get BambooHR Integration for Jira?

BambooHR Integration for Jira is now available on Atlassian Marketplace and you can try it for free! Pricing for the app then starts at only $10 per month for 10 users. The app is currently available on Server but Data Centre and Cloud versions will be coming in the near future.

For more information on BambooHR Integration for Jira, you can browse our user guide here.


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