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New Verve Consulting helps businesses deliver products and services in a collaborative way using the Atlassian toolset. Without teamwork, there is no success!

Atlassian in the cloud. Your way.

We offer flexible cloud hosting for your Atlassian applications, powered by AWS.

If you don’t have the infrastructure and human resources to host Jira and Confluence, we can host them for you in the New Verve Cloud!

With one of our managed hosting plans, you get everything you need to run Jira and Confluence. You also get to reduce the cost, complexity and risk of ownership, while paying an affordable and predictable monthly fee.


  • Question   Pricing

    Starting from only £100 per month for a single Jira or Confluence server for 50 users, our prices are among the most competitive in the UK.

    If you purchase an annual plan, you get an even better deal with 2 months free!

    Costs are dictated by a number of factors, including:

    • number of active user accounts
    • data requirements (e.g. number of Confluence spaces or Jira projects/issues)
    • Marketplace apps (some apps such as eazyBI require additional database(s) and computing power)
    • number of required stacks (e.g. Production only or additional Staging stack)
    • number of cluster nodes (e.g. 2, 4) in a Data Center deployment

    Pricing may vary depending on your specific needs, so please get in touch for a quote to match your specific needs.

    Licenses are not included in the cost and are billed separately.

  • Question   Supported applications

    We currently support the following Atlassian server applications:

    We can host all apps offered by Atlassian including Portfolio for Jira, Capture for Jira, Team Calendars and Questions for Confluence.

    We can also host a wide range of Marketplace apps.

  • Question   Benefits

    With zero capital expenditure, you can reduce your overall costs of infrastructure and make savings on the number of staff required to build and maintain it.

    Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), our hosting services are best-in-class, offering reliability, durability, and data security.


    We offer high availability with automated fail-over capacity in all of our hosting packages. As far as we know, our UK competitors only offer this option for premium plans.


    Our hosting infrastructure is designed to be scalable. If necessary, we can quickly scale your servers to meet increased demand with little to no downtime (additional costs apply).

    High Performance

    Our hosting is backed by Amazon’s solid infrastructure. All application and database instances have been configured to provide optimal performance for each package.


    Our architecture is designed to maximize data security. We apply industry-standard mechanisms to secure data. We also recommend and support SSL for encrypting web traffic.

  • Question   Why not Atlassian Cloud?

    Atlassian Cloud is a viable option for many businesses, however it comes with many limitations which may prove to be too restrictive for your needs.

    Some of the restricted features in Atlassian Cloud are listed below. If you host your server applications with us, there are no restrictions!

    • You can’t use your own domain name.
    • Application URLs are configured once and cannot be changed.
    • You have limited control over where your customer data is stored.
    • Each Atlassian Cloud subscription comes with a disk storage limit.
    • Many Marketplace add-ons are not supported in Atlassian Cloud.
    • You can’t change database backup frequencies or retention.
    • It is not possible to restrict access by source IP range.
    • Custom themes, look and feel etc. are not supported in most cases.
    • External Confluence templates are not supported.
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