Crumbs Review Terms

These terms and conditions will outline acceptable participation in the promotion. New Verve reserve the right to amend or withdraw the promotion at any time without notice.

Outline of the Promotional Process

To take part in this promotion, you must:

  • Have an active installation of the Crumbs: CRM for Jira app, either on a trial or paid basis, and be willing to share the registered company name using the app.
  • Publish a review on the Atlassian Marketplace for Crumbs: CRM for Jira.
  • Fill out this form - - with the details of your review.

This will then be verified and a representative from New Verve will email you with an Amazon voucher worth £20 (or local currency equivalent). Please wait up to ten working days for your voucher.

There is no requirement for the review to be positive; vouchers can be claimed regardless of star rating given.


The following exemptions apply:

  • Only genuine, honest reviewers will be eligible to receive a voucher from this promotion. Reviewers with no active Crumbs installation or fraudulent reviews will not receive vouchers.
  • New Verve employees, their friends, or family members are not eligible to take part in this promotion.
  • Atlassian employees, their friends, or family members are not eligible to take part in this promotion.


The following limitations are also in place:

  • Only one voucher may be received per active Crumbs installation; this means that two employees from the same organisation cannot review the app and both receive a voucher.
  • Multiple reviews from the same individual or account will not be eligible for additional vouchers.
  • Only ten total vouchers are available to be claimed by reviewers. When all vouchers have been claimed, new reviewers will no longer be eligible to receive a voucher.

All reviews must follow the terms and conditions of the Atlassian Marketplace.

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