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New Verve Products

With our wealth of experience integrating Atlassian products, we’re well-placed to create enhancements in the form of Atlassian Marketplace apps.

Our product team use the insight from our solutions team to innovate apps to tackle common pain points.

Crumbs CRM for Jira

Crumbs is our flagship app for Jira Cloud; in essence, it displays customer data in context within Jira. This reduces the time and effort required to view necessary information to complete tickets efficiently. It acts as a single source of truth for client data across all projects in Jira.

Customer information can easily be added, edited and deleted as required; this change will then be reflected across all tickets related to the customer.

Common use cases for Crumbs CRM for Jira include:

  • Support: when a request has been raised, check the level of support entitlement the organization has before commencing work.
  • Sales: manage your sales pipeline more effectively by linking your leads to prospects in Crumbs; your colleagues can then see this information at a glance.
  • Marketing: manage campaigns, track tasks and link customers to campaign-based tickets.

Crumbs are small but very important pieces of something much bigger, just like customers upon which business success depends.

Get Crumbs on the Atlassian Marketplace

Start your free trial of Crumbs today - available on the Atlassian Marketplace for Jira Cloud. If you’re a team of 10 or fewer, then Crumbs is entirely free to use.

For further information on Crumbs CRM for Jira, check out the user guide here.

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