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Atlassian is a Sydney-based group of companies selling enterprise collaboration software to help teams organize, discuss and complete their work. It’s probably best known for its issue tracking application Jira, and its team collaboration tool Confluence.

Atlassian has over 170,000 customers in over 190 countries. After being consistently profitable for 10 years, it went public in December 2015 on the NASDAQ stock exchange with a value of over US$4 billion.

Atlassian runs a Partner partner program to handle specific needs of local customers across the globe ranging from training to deployment and customization services for their suite of applications. Solution partners help grow adoption of Atlassian‘s applications worldwide while guaranteeing the best possible customer support and professional services coverage.

New Verve joined as an Atlassian channel partner in early 2016 and having progress through its programme, we are now recognised as one of the few Platinum Solution Partners in the UK. We are highly trained and committed to our Atlassian practice and delivering value to our many customers here in Scotland and throughout the UK.

Other Partners:

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