IT Service Management solution for 3Gi


3Gi wished to design and deploy an efficient, scalable, and intuitive IT support solution for one of their key clients. Internal teams at 3Gi were already using Jira Service Management so it made sense to deliver a solution using a proven tool.

The Challenge

New Verve Consulting was asked to design and implement a complex Jira Service Management solution to an ambitious schedule. The volume of work was considerable, involving some key challenges:

  • implementing dual approvals which were not supported by the server version of Jira Service Management;
  • researching and choosing a scalable solution that could automate SMS notifications based on certain types of actions;
  • implementing an integrated Configuration Management Database (CMDB);
  • integrating 3Gi’s Active Directory (AD) and enabling single sign-on (SSO) across Jira and Confluence on AWS.

We also needed to carry out significant reconfiguration of the existing Jira installation to make it SSL-ready with SSO across all applications and user roles.

The Atlassian stack was deployed on Amazon Web Services from day 1, however, we have helped refine the infrastructure over the years since. Most recently, we helped 3Gi migrate to a newly provisioned EC2 instance and separated out the underlying MySQL database into a dedicated RDS managed instance.

The Solution

We created designed and configured several screens using over 50 custom fields. Over 15 issue types were set up across 3 bespoke workflows, and SLAs were defined in agreement with 3Gi and in accordance with ITIL Service Management standards.

To implement the approvals required by 3Gi, we created a dedicated automation rule to enable the workflow ‘approve’ or ‘reject’ and a custom listener using the ScriptRunner add-on to ensure that each approver was allowed to access the requests they had been designated to approve.

For high priority requests, SMS notifications were implemented to notify certain stakeholders, using a 3rd party SMS provider and API, TextLocal. This was integrated with Jira via a custom listener using ScriptRunner.

The CMDB was implemented using a 3rd party add-on chosen by 3Gi: Insight Asset Management for Jira.

Finally, we installed Atlassian Crowd for SSO and after significant infrastructure configuration, we integrated 3Gi’s AD.

3Gi Technology

Client: 3Gi Technology

Categories: IT Service Management Automation

Technologies: Jira Service Management, Crowd, Scriptrunner, Insight, AWS

1000+ users

we delivered a complex service desk that could serve over 1000 users.

15+ issue types

we set up over 15 issue types including: 'Incident', 'New Starter', and 'Leaver'.

50+ custom fields

we implemented over 50 custom fields across multiple screens and request types.

3 core workflows

3 bespoke, core workflows formed the backbone of all issue life-cycles.

20+ automated scripts

multiple event-driven actions are automated via scripted listeners, post-function, conditions, and field behaviours.

"When we first approached New Verve to assist with the customisation and configuration of Jira Service Management, we were impressed by the team’s knowledge and understanding of our requirements. We decided to move forward with New Verve, and Nigel and his team really took our project off the ground and treated it with the same care and consideration as if it were their own! New Verve have helped us build a customised service desk that meets all of our needs, and revolutionised our business promoting productivity in our staff and satisfaction from our clients."

- James Edwards, Chief Executive Officer
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