IT service delivery at EC Group


EC Group approached us having recently adopted Jira Software for managing software development and Jira Service Management for internal service delivery. They now wished to take a step back to review both applications, served via Atlassian Cloud, and reconfigure them to better meet business needs and best practices.

The Challenge

EC Group wanted to use Jira Service Management to:

  • field requests from internal users needing everything from new printers to system-down issues;
  • receive change requests for software development from internal users and clients (via their account managers);
  • manage response and resolution times using SLA configuration based on working days/times.

They also wished to use Jira Software to manage internal tasks (process, management, recurring system tasks) and manage outgoing maintenance and feature requests for live software products.

Our main challenge for this project was to ensure that the configuration was kept simple and straightforward to meet the needs for a relatively small number of end-users. Simplicity was also key to ease overhead for future maintenance of the applications.

The Solution

We began our engagement with EC Group by running a discovery workshop and by carrying out an extensive review of the existing application configuration, spanning many features: service delivery, software development, and common features.

EC Group wished to roll out changes semi-autonomously in Jira Software. We provided guidance and best practices throughout this journey. Configuration changes included:

  • software workflows for managing work;
  • Kanban and Scrum boards for visualising and prioritising work;
  • screens, screen schemes, and issue type screen schemes (using best practices);
  • bespoke reports using the All-In-One and eazyBI marketplace add-ons.

We also provided insights into how mundane and repetitive tasks could be automated using ScriptRunner for Jira.

For service delivery, we proceeded to set up a pilot project in Jira Service Management that consisted of the following features:

  • a simple, easy-to-use customer portal;
  • a minimal set of screens and fields;
  • workflows modelled on ITIL best practices (incidents, service requests, and change management);
  • SLAs;
  • queues;
  • reports and automation.

The initial pilot was deemed a success and was rolled out across the business. A wide range of stakeholders, both internal and external, are now using the configuration recommended by New Verve.

The solution was further enhanced with:

  • 2-way synchronisation with the 3rd party tool Autotask;
  • bespoke reporting dashboards using the eazyBI add-on;
  • multi-step workflow approvals.

We continue to provide support on an on-demand basis to EC Group as their requirements evolve.

Categories: IT Service Management Reporting

Technologies: Jira Service Management, Jira Software, ScriptRunner, eazyBI

10+ automation rules

automation rules were set up to save the service team time.

5+ workflows

bespoke workflows were set up to handle service management and development.

5 SLAs

5 SLAs metrics were created to prevent any SLA breaches.

10 queues

a lean set of queues were set up to manage incoming requests.

10+ custom reports

a lean set of custom service reports were setup.

"New Verve delivered value from their pre-sales proposal onward with actionable suggestions and best practice guidance before anything was even signed. This continued throughout the project implementing JIRA service desk and configuration for project management. New Verve walk the walk as well as talk the talk and I recommend them."

- Ben White, Interim Project Manager
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