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Encrypt, mask, and remove confidential and sensitive data in Jira with Zorro Anonymizer.

Zorro Anonymizer is a Jira app that provides administrators with a quick and easy way to anonymize issue data.

Simply select the fields that you’d like to anonymize, and choose to mask, remove, or encrypt their values. With Zorro Anonymizer, you can also anonymize comments, issue history, attachments, and work logs.

Find out more about Zorro Anonymizer on the Atlassian Marketplace!


Bulk encrypt and decrypt issue data in one or more projects. Choose an encryption method and enter a secret key, known only to you. You’ll need this key to decrypt later!


​Permanently remove issue data in bulk from one or more projects. Simply select the fields and non-fields that you’d like to erase, and click Anonymize!


Export anonymized issue data in single and multiple issue exports. Remove or redact your chosen data in multiple formats including CSV, HTML, XML, and Word.


  • Question   What are the benefits?

    Zorro Anonymizer is easy to use, and helps you avoid complex and time-consuming bulk change operations in Jira.

    Ultimately, it can help you neutralize data risk and meet data compliance regulations.

    Protect non-production data

    Many teams need to work on Jira instances in isolation without affecting production.

    • for internal demos or training purposes;
    • for staging software upgrades in a sandbox environment;
    • for analytics and reporting.

    With Zorro Anonymizer, you can do all of these things safely by removing or encrypting sensitive production data first!

    Protect against insider threats

    Use Zorro Anonymizer to anonymize IP or trade secrets, and mitigate the risk of fraud, theft, and malicious use.

    Comply with data regulations

    If you have private data in Jira, Zorro Anonymizer can help you comply with data regulations.

  • Question   How much?

    ​You can view pricing details on the Atlassian Marketplace.

  • Question   Is there documentation available?

    There sure is! Check it out here.

  • Question   Is Jira Service Desk supported?

    Only Jira Core and Jira Server are supported currently, however, we plan to release support for Jira Service Desk before end of September 2018.

  • Question   What about Data Center?

    Data Center is next on our radar. We are currently doing intensive load testing before we release to Data Center. We are aiming to provide DC compatibility before mid September 2018.

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