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Lukas Knapek - Intern Developer

Lukas Knapek

Intern Developer


A third year Software Engineering student at the University of Glasgow, Lukas joined the company in late 2018 as a term-time Intern Developer.

Before starting his university adventure, Lukas spent two years in the development industry as a Technical Writer (during which he coincidentally worked with Atlassian products quite a bit). This led him to realize that he would like to start a career as a developer. Blindly throwing a dart at the world map (not really), his journey led him to Glasgow.

Now in the middle of his studies, he tries to gain as much experience as possible, mostly in the form of internships and side projects.

Other Team Members:

Nigel Rochford - Owner and Managing Director
Nigel Rochford
Owner and Managing Director

Kris Siwiec - Technical Lead
Kris Siwiec
Technical Lead

Victor Lee - Developer
Victor Lee

Matthew Flaws - Consultant
Matthew Flaws

Lewis Boyd - Freelance Developer
Lewis Boyd
Freelance Developer

Zoi Raskou - Technical Consultant
Zoi Raskou
Technical Consultant

Claire Doherty - Marketing Exec
Claire Doherty
Marketing Exec

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